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My name is Ilaisaane and I am a romantic at heart. I cry at stranger’s weddings more than I cry at my family funerals.

I believe in love and know that without a doubt, that it is the most powerful force in this world. The amazing thing is, that love is a language, understood by all people, regardless of religious background, knowledge, upbringing, culture, ethnicity or creed.

The marriage of two people create a union that binds this powerful force in to one union. This is why I have such an interest in weddings.

Why Weddings?

Often weddings, can either be a nightmare or a dream come true, depending on how the bride and groom plan and prepare.

Some of my favorite wedding movies are ones that Julia Roberts stars in. My two most memorable ones are: The run away bride, and My best friend’s wedding. In both movies she is either running away from being married or trying to be the one getting married. I am sure many brides can relate to her characters.

Then again, there are the ‘bride-to-bes’ who like to control every little detail of their wedding and turn out to be ‘bridezillas’.

Trust me, I have been to quite a few weddings, where I have witnessed this myself, and the whole wedding atmosphere was ruined because the bride was too uptight to enjoy her own wedding LOL.

How about the poor brides that get into disagreements with their closest friends, over, who and not to invite, or, what about the weddings where the parents/family won’t even let the bride make any choices.

I am sure that we have all read or heard about those crazy weddings, during one time or another in our lives.

However, there are, also those unique, and special weddings that you don’t forget, because no matter what happened, it was enjoyable, and the couple truly loved it themselves.

These weddings were not remembered for how perfect or organized they were. They were remembered because it was all about the two people that the wedding day was about. Nothing else.

The Wedding Helper’s Goals

The purpose of this site is to allow brides, bridal party members, and anyone wants to know how to make their wedding special to them and for everyone who takes part, to feel it as well.

I will offer tips, ideas and even products/services that may assist you. The Wedding Helper also would like to offer a free blog to anyone who wants to share their story (pre or post wedding – or both from engagement to honeymoon).

The reason I am allowing this, is that when I got married the second time, I wanted my siblings who could not make it and my husband’s family to know our love story. At the time, I paid to have a website and host, that allowed me to share a link with all my friends and family and added a video to showcase our pictures.

The only problem was it cost me quite a bit to have this site up with a one pager, and it was limited to only one month.

All my family and friends had appreciated the link to my wedding story. Everyone also thought, that it was a fab idea.

Therefore, if you would like to have a free blog posted to this site and dedicated to your love story, then make sure you complete the form below.

This site is secured by one of the best hosting platforms on the internet, so rest assured that your information will not be used for any third parties.

The other reason I am giving free blog spaces out, is that I want people to be able to read true stories about amazing people and their own wedding experiences (good or bad), to help or inspire others.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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